Democratizing Space Data for Global Innovation

Unlock the Power of Space: Precision Satellite Data, Now Accessible to Everyone.

Precision Imagery & Data

Gain a competitive edge with access to the highest resolution satellite imagery and sensor data available in near real-time. Tailor data collection to your specific geographic needs and make informed decisions faster. Elevate operational efficiency and accuracy across your projects.

Software Deployment Flexibility

Streamline your satellite operations with the capability to upload and update software effortlessly, from anywhere. Our platform supports advanced in-space AI analytics, offering a scalable solution for enhancing satellite functionality and performance. Innovate with confidence and achieve operational excellence.

Flexible Financial Control

Embrace financial flexibility with our pay-as-you-go model. Free your business from long-term contracts and enjoy the freedom to scale services according to your needs. Invest in satellite data with a model that aligns with your project timelines and budgetary requirements, ensuring optimal ROI.

Explore Parsimoni: The Satellite-as-a-Service Ecosystem

Welcome to Parsimoni, the first marketplace of its kind, designed to democratize access to satellite data. Powered by SpaceOS, our platform connects three essential participants in the space data ecosystem:

Parsimoni not only bridges the gap between these key players but also fosters a collaborative environment for pushing the boundaries of space operations. Through our platform, powered by SpaceOS, we ensure:

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